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Note: Click on the microphone icon and begin speaking.

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Note: Click on Mic icon and Start Speaking

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Use your mic connected to your pc, mobile phones, laptop and start speaking after selecting you desired language and country as optional. Your speech will be converted to text. Click on Mic icon button, a small pop up request will will open on left top side of browser. Click on “Allow” to to use you microphone. Then start speaking normally, slowly and clearly near your microphone. Your spoken words will be recorded as text. After transcribing you can click on mic button icon or stop button whichever you like to use.


  1. Click on “Allow” to to use you microphone. If it does not appear check your internet connection is working properly.
  2. Check your voice recording is working.
  3. check if another similar program is running in your browser, then close that program.
  4. Allow” to use you microphone may not appear again if you have already been using for a while but transcribe process will still work
  5. In case of language change, you have to stop transcribing, then only new language transcribe will take place. Your old transcripts will not disappear on language change or you can retain or reset for new transcription language

Notes & Tips

  1. This is free speech to text service for your daily requirement in many languages around the world.
  2. Works only with popular chrome based browsers like google chrome, Microsoft edge and so on. You may also try to test using on tablets, mobile phones.
  3. Remember once you Click on “Allow” to to use you microphone, then only voice will be converted to text.
  4. Make sure that sound recording is properly configured and it properties set properly.
  5. Also make sure that that your internet is enabled and active. If disabled then voice to text speech will not work.
  6. You can make correction and make use of insert punctuation marks and symbols given on right with click while transcribing.
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